VICCO Director Sanjeev Pendharkar to impart his 45 years of entrepreneurial skills via online course

Radhika Dhawad | Jun 14, 2020 12:53

Director at VICCO Sanjeev Pendharkar is soon set to start an online course for existing as well as aspiring entrepreneurs.
Sanjeev Pendharkar

Learn the entrepreneurial know-hows and tricks of trade from the Director, VICCO Labs, Sanjeev Pendharkar through his newly launched course named ‘Entrepreneurship- From idea to Business.’

A program not to be missed for all the entrepreneurial plungers out there!

Sanjeev Pendharkar is all geared up to launch a 12- episode course called “Entrepreneurship- from Idea to Business”, starting July 1, 2020, which would cover almost every possible facet of entrepreneurship right from planning to finance to HR to promoting and expanding businesses using the marketing and PR strategies.

This program would be a great boon for all those who are setting their foot in the “venture domain” and also for those who are already the established players in the business landscape.

Amidst this corona crisis, when businesses are seen to be nose-diving and economy is extremely shaken, this program is an attempt from his side to serve the entrepreneurs, both budding and established, through effective knowledge sharing and resources that would support them on their path to entrepreneurship.

Pendharkar in this course condenses his knowledge of almost four decades, and walks all entrepreneurs through the steps of building a thriving business from an innovative idea.

Having walked down the path for almost 45 years, he knows it firsthand how challenging it is to navigate the business ecosystem. Through this course he intends to make the journey less bumpy and turbulent for all the entrepreneurial plungers by exposing some nitty-gritty of the vast business landscape.

Speaking about the same, Pendharkar says, “Look, Entrepreneurship is a risky endeavour. It is a journey that is as exhausting as exciting, packed with its own challenges and rewards. And personally, for me, it has been quite a roller coaster. Every inch of the way I have struggled while making my way to establish VICCO as one of the most elite and iconic brands in the naturals personal care landscape. Now that I am on the other side of the bridge, I would love to share the know-hows and hard-learned lessons I have imbibed along the way.”

He added, “In all my episodes, I have tried my best to unleash some unspoken tricks of the trade and an entrepreneur’s road map as to how to keep going and not give up on the way despite all the obstacles.”

Coming to the specifics of the course-

  • All the twelve episodes would be communicated in both English and Marathi languages.
  • The total fees for the program is Rs 1200, wherein each episode would cost a nominal fee of Rs 100.
  • Along with the course, a complimentary private group membership would also be provided with this for applicants. This group would help build an interactive and enabling environment foe entrepreneurial minded people where they can exchange empowering perspectives on business practices and ways.
  • Not only this, the membership will also give access to many other short informative videos and business possibilities.
  • Target audience- Budding and established entrepreneurs.

Topics to be covered in the online course include:

1 How to fuel your business growth with the best selling and marketing techniques

2 How to conduct “New Product Development Market Research”?

The Market Research tells us about customer preferences, their pain points, their wants and needs thus allowing businesses to tailor their products and offerings according to the customers’ demands. If done in a correct way, it helps organisations to identify the key issues thus delivering them a real competitive edge. This all would be discussed in detail in this session.

3 Importance of effective Finance and Accounting.

Accounting and finance plays a vital role in management of any business. Understanding the numbers of a company is so very crucial to make right decisions.

Recording and evaluation of business activities and getting a grasp of the incoming and outgoing cash flow is vital in navigating the businesses efficiently. This episode would entail all of these facets.

4 Human resource development and its planning.

In the current ever-changing business environment, where companies must acquire, retain, and develop the top talent, human resource development must be paid acute attention.

In this episode, Pendharkar would talk about the same with some of the best HR practices and strategies to enhance the profitability of a company.

5 How to identify new trade opportunities.

6 How to strengthen the company’s financial balance sheet.

It is the balance sheet that provides you the information about the financial health of a company. How to strengthen this balance sheet would be discussed in the session.

7 How to take care of your customer’s needs.

8 How to increase the visibility of a business or brand with public relations and advertising.

9 Strategies to be used while manufacturing products.

10 Experience in setting up VICCO business. In this episode Mr Sanjeev would be sharing his experiences and learnings out of his rollercoaster entrepreneurial ride.

Not to be missed episode.

Elaborating on this episode, he says, “I strongly believe that the takeaways and lessons that my experiences taught me are invaluable and matchless. No classroom learnings can replace that. Every choice I chose, every mistake I made along my way has handed me out some of the most impactful lessons of life which I won’t ever trade for anything in life”.

11   Method of handling raw materials and finished products.

12   Benefits and methods of exporting in a simplified way.

Benefits of the course-

The program would give a good foundation to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to embark on the entrepreneurial journey. This will help them create a business plan and map out the business strategies needed to establish a successful company.

In short, it will help them sail through the messy entrepreneurial road in a smoother and easier fashion.

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Get ready to equip yourself with the valuable skills and knowledge from a one of its kind visionary who has established VICCO as one of the most elite names in the personal care landscape.


Limited time offer!

About VICCO- VICCO which was conceived in 1952 is undoubtedly one of the iconic brands globally and has an extensive sales and distribution network at its disposal. The authentic and natural products of VICCO have carved out a distinctive niche for themselves and have solidified the name of the brand in the market. With the boundless passion of Sanjeev Pendharkar, the brand is continuously marching ahead, simultaneously delivering value in the form of its natural and authentic products.

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