Senior citizens enjoy India Vs NZ ICC World Cup semifinal at ‘Soham’ in Nagpur

Nation Next Newsroom | Jul 9, 2019 20:05
Photojournalist: Bhavesh Mahalle

Senior citizens cheered for Team India at live screening of ICC World Cup semifinal between India and New Zealand held at old age home Soham in Nagpur.
Old Age home ‘Soham’ situated in Nagpur

Senior citizens were spotted cheering for Team India and enjoying the ICC World Cup 2019 semifinal match between India and New Zealand on the big screen at a live screening of the match held at Nagpur’s old age home Soham.

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Along with these elderly gentlemen and ladies, quite a few of their young friends and relatives were also present during the screening. As New Zealand batsmen lost their wickets (New Zealand won the toss and selected to bat first), seniors cheered in happiness and joy making the screening a lively one!

Here are some pictures from the screening at ‘Soham:’