Separate Vidarbha issue dominates cartoonists’ canvases at Rajkiya Fatkare in Nagpur

Report by: Radhika Dhawad

Photojournalist: Himanshu Pal

Jan 8, 2018 14:47

Separate Vidarbha issue dominated cartoonists’ canvases at Rajkiya Fatkare in Nagpur, an exhibition, which revolved around the theme – Political Satires. The exhibition, which was held at Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery, was appreciated by one and all. Shreehari Aney, founder of ViRA (Vidarbha Rajya Aghadi), who inaugurated the exhibition, was busy seen admiring and analysing various cartoons, some, of which even depicted him! Apart from Aney, Nation Next’s Editor-in-Chief Vikrant Shandilya, Sandesh Singalkar, Sudarshan Patil, Attadeep Ramteke and Sanjay Tiwari, were also present at the exhibition. The exhibition was jointly organised by Vidarbha Cartoonist Association, Artistter and Lalitya Foundation.

What was even more surprising was when a nine-year-old girl Sanchi Amrarkar from Nagpur displayed her artwork depicting the plight of Vidarbha farmers. Sanchi told Nation Next, the media partner for Rajkiya Fatkare, “I feel that my cartoons depict the true picture of Vidarbha.” Sanchi’s father Sunil said that Sanchi would secretly draw cartoons at home. He added, “She’s received an award from the Maharashtra as well Madhya Pradesh government. Also, a television channel had made a documentary on her.” Sunil, who said that Sanchi would always express her concern towards handicapped and deprived people around her, never took any kind of formal training to draw cartoons.  

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When Nation Next, spoke to Prasad Pimprikar, founder of Lalitya Foundation and COO of Artistter India, he said, “I’m elated with the response. I second with Shreehari Aneyji when he said that cartoons are a cartoonist’ art and deity. Cartoons speak a thousand words. They can be carried forward for generations to come. Moreover, people love cartoons, irrespective of their age and background. Cartoons can depict comic situations, political satires, impart knowledge or even convey a message that concerns the society. We’re planning a similar exhibition in January too, wherein it would be a platform for artists across the globe.”