What do numbers speak about Shah Rukh Khan’s 52nd year of life?

    Radhika Dhawad | Nov 2, 2016 18:38


    As Shah Rukh Khan turns 51 today, celebrity numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani deciphers what would Khan’s 52nd year mean for him… 

    One: SRK born as number 2 on 2.11.1965, which equals to  number 7, as he enters his 52nd year, which adds up to number 7, ‘SRK’ name too adds to 7.His best buddy – Karan Johar – is a also a number 7 as his birthday falls on 25th May

    Two: Numbers 2 and 6 and planets Moon and Venus are two of the best ingredients for Bollywood.

    Three: People with number 2 hold the position of number one in film industry.

    Four: His upcoming movies – Dear Zindagi and Raees – add up to 7 as well.

    Five: Planet Neptune denotes creativity and spiritually, though 7 is not exactly deemed to be a very materialistic number.

    Six: Shah Rukh Khan has his name adding to 42 (6), which is a superb octave of Venus; hence we too chose our office address that has the number 402!

    Seven: All his cars end with number 555 (6).

    Eight: Bollywood’s longest running blockbuster ‘DDLJ‘ too added to 6!

    Nine: He’s always been King Khan but after changing the jersey colour and logo of KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) and Red Chillies, he won two IPL cups in four years, many prestigious international awards including the UNESCO award and has become world’s second richest actor and Bollywood’s richest.

    Ten: Bollywood’s first superstars – Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan – are all number 2s.

    Eleven: SRK is the first actor to have entered The Richest Indian list!

    Twelve: A tailor-made name and date of birth (with hard-work and unending zeal) ensures that SRK does well almost every year.

    Thirteen: But remember, we predicted a difficult 44th year when he broke his shoulder subsequently and his movie Billu and KKR too were a disaster that year.

    Fourteen: While SRK found his first flat in Mumbai to be lucky, as it added to 9, son AbRam is a number 9 too, whom we predicted would bring him luck.

    Fifteen: Chennai Express, Happy New Year and KKR’s win were post AbRam’s birth.

    Happy 51st Birthday King Khan! Proud to be associated with someone who has been instrumental in changing the face of Bollywood globally.

    Shah Rukh Khan's 51st year
    Celebrity numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani

    Sanjay B Jumaani is one of the leading numerologists of the country, who has a star-studded client list, which includes Mukesh Ambani, Salman Khan,  Anil Kapoor,  AR Rehman, Karan Johar,  Ajay Devgn, to name a few…