Pass on your sarees to your granddaughters as the legacy, says Shaina NC

Radhika Dhawad | Dec 24, 2016 20:31

“If you don’t get along with your daughter-in-laws, pass on your sarees to your granddaughters!” chuckled queen of drapes Shaina NC during a saree-draping workshop at Nagpur. The workshop was organised by Mahavir International Service Trust, Nagpur, at Hotel Centre Point on December 16, 2016.

 “Don’t buy a saree just because it’s expensive and looks lovely. Instead, buy it for the texture and the fall it has. There’s no sense in buying lehengas worth lakhs of rupees for a single usage! You can drape sarees in multiple styles. Young girls must wear sarees often. Saree must be patronised!” said Shaina NC.

During the workshop, Shaina demonstrated almost 56 different patterns of draping a saree. Right from draping double sarees, making twisted drapes, giving a shimmer saree a cocktail gown look, making inward pleats, draping a saree in a lungi style, etc, Shaina did it all, that too effortlessly! She presented different styles of saree draping on LAD college girls, who walked the ramp for her.

Nagpur’s Shilpa Agrawal, who dazzled in a lavender coloured shimmer saree, was the showstopper.

Savita Sancheti, chairperson of Mahavir International along with Nidhi Gandhi, Neeta Gupta Archana Javery, Anita Patni and Meenu Bhandari, were also present at the workshop. Mahavir International Service Trust works for the upliftment of underprivileged people.

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Photos by: Kartik Thakur