When Shashi Tharoor made the entire nation run for a dictionary with his tweet

Radhika Dhawad | May 11, 2017 12:46

Shashi Tharoor
Shashi Tharoor (Photo source: shashitharoor.in)

We all know that Former Union Minister and Diplomat Shashi Tharoor is one of the most well-read and well-spoken politicians the country has. But, what happens when he uses an array of complicated words in an outrage on social media? The Twitterattis have a field day! When newly launched Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami claimed to have evidence of Tharoor’s involvement in Sunanda Pushkar’s death, the latter took to Twitter to rubbish Goswami’s allegations in his own style.

Shashi Tharoor too was amused with the jokes that were being circulated. He instantly wrote, “Glad to have contributed ‘farrago’ to the national conversation. As long as Republic TV continues, we will need it.”

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Following this, Twitter was in no mood to spare Tharoor for his unique choice of words in his tweet. Check out what twitterattis had to say. Check what Shashi Tharoor had said: