Sack BJP’s ‘shatru and gaddaar’ Shatrughan Sinha: BJP leader Sushil Modi

Radhika Dhawad | May 22, 2017 21:57

Shatrughan Sinha PTI
Shatrughan Sinha

Senior BJP leaders Shatrughan Sinha and Sushil Kumar Modi today afternoon engaged in a twitter war over BJP’s stand on RJD President Lalu Prasad Yadav and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on the issue of corruption. BJP’s one of the most senior leaders Sushil Kumar Modi, tagging Sinha as ‘gaddaar (traitor) and BJP’s shatru (enemy), sought that the actor-turned politician be sacked from the party as Sinha praised Kejriwal and Yadav.

Sinha, who’s the Member of Parliament from Patna Saheb, in his tweet said, ‘The Enough of negative politics and mudslinging by opponents on our political leaders, be it Kejriwal, Laloo Yadav or Sushil Modi.” Sinha, who’s said to be sulking ever since he was ignored during the 2015 Bihar assembly polls, has often put the BJP in embarrassing situations in the past.

“Our BJP surely believes in honesty & transparency, which seldom go together, but must go together. An allegation is ONLY THAT unless proved!,” wrote Sinha on his twitter account.

“Jis Lalu ki Benami sampati ke bachao me Nitish Kumar nahi utre, uske bachao mein BJP ke ‘Shatru’ kood pade (Lalu in whose defense against benami properties Nitish Kumar did not jump, BJP’s ‘Shatru’ has taken a plunge),” Sushil Modi wrote in his tweet. He even went on to say that it’s not necessary that people who are famous should be relied on. Such ‘gaddaars’ should be sacked from the House at the earliest.

Reacting to Modi’s tweet, Sinha told PTI, “I do not want to make any comment. I am still fond of Sushil Modi. I have just spoken logically.” RJD spokesman and MLA Shakti Singh Yadav said, “Sinha had the habit of speaking the truth. He has spoken his ‘Maan ki Baat,’ with which many other BJP leaders agree but do not have the courage to speak.”

JD(U) Bihar chief spokesman Sanjay Singh too spoke highly of Sinha. He said, “The man who launched BJP when it was merely a party of two MPs has been sidelined within the party. This reflects the character of BJP.”