Proper skin care is not just a sign of vanity but also good health: Dr Tulika Arbat

Report by: Nation Next Newsroom

Photojournalist: Abhishek Thakare

Nov 2, 2018 18:29

KRIMS Skin and Laser Clinic, on October 29, organised Sparsh – a Skin Care Workshop by Dr Tulika Arbat in Nagpur. The workshop, which was attended by more than 50 aestheticians from the city, was organised by KRIMS Hospitals in collaboration with corporate trainer and brand consultant Nityanand Tiwari.

The workshop was organised with an intention to educate aestheticians about skin care and its clinical aspects. Dr Tulika Arbat, who is a Consultant Dermatologist, specialises in Advanced Dermatology procedures. Dr Arbat began by presenting a talk on basic skin care which covered causes and cures of various skin problems like acne, skin darkening, hair fall, excess facial hair, etc. Dr Arbat also spoke about special skin care tips for salon treatments like threading, waxing, facial, bleaching etc.

Dr Arbat informed about various facilities available at KRIMS Skin and Laser Clinic including Chemical Peeling, Radio Frequency Laser, Electro cautery, Derma Roller Therapy, Acne Treatment, Scar Removal, treatment for hair loss, etc.

Speaking about the workshop, Dr Arbat said, “Patients nowadays are very conscious about their skin and appearance. Proper skin care is not just a sign of vanity but also good health. Increased stress, irregular schedules along with environmental pollution has led to many skin problems, which affect a person’s self-confidence deeply. This workshop gave me an opportunity to talk about various skin problems and how to deal with them. The aestheticians got to know the finer details of how to address basic skin problems before they refer the patient to the doctor.”

Dr Arbat’s address was followed by a motivational session by Nityanand Tiwari.