Smart City Nagpur: 3500 CCTVs, 877 free WiFi hotspot access points, artificial intelligence and much more…

Radhika Dhawad | Dec 26, 2019 17:55

City Operation Centre has been set up to centrally monitor more than 3600 cameras, which have been installed at 700 critical junctions across Nagpur.
City Operation Centre has been set up to centrally monitor more than 3500 cameras, which have been installed at 671 critical junctions across Nagpur.

‘Nagpur Safe and Smart City Project’ of Nagpur Smart and Sustainable City Development Corporation Limited (NSSCDCL) was recently selected for award winning project in the category of ‘Best Smart Safe City Project’ by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Government of India. 

It may be mentioned that Nagpur Safe and Smart City Project was implemented through convergence with Director of Information Technology, Government of Maharashtra. Former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had initiated Nagpur Safe and Smart City project much before inclusion of Nagpur as Smart City by the MoHUA.  The project has been helpful for police to detect crime in the city.

Ramnath Sonawane

When we spoke to Ramnath Sonawane, CEO at NSSCDCL, he said, “We are planning to introduce ‘artificial intelligence’ in the near future, for which we’ve already started working. Through artificial intelligence, real time alerts will be generated automatically from CCTVs on streets. For instance, if an accident occurs, one alert will go the concerned police station depending on the incident, other to the traffic in charge and third would be directed towards an ambulance to provide assistance if required.”

He added, “Without the assistance of Home and Information Technology department of the Government of Maharashtra, the project wouldn’t have been able to take off.”

⇒The Nagpur Smart and Sustainable City Development Corporation Limited (NSSCDCL) has laid around 1050 kms of optical cable network to ensure safety of the citizens.

⇒The Smart City has installed more than 3600 CCTVs at 671 junctions across the city. 

⇒The citizens are enjoying WiFi at 141 locations with 877 access points. 

⇒The City Operation Centre (NMC) is situated at administrative building of Nagpur Municipal Corporation while City Command and Control Centre is being constructed near police control room.

⇒Nagpur currently has 1,36,000 smart LED lights all over the city.

⇒The Smart City has also installed 10 environment sensors to monitor the pollution level.

⇒The GPS installed at 227 buses to give real time update to the commuters.

⇒The 77 bus stops also work as smart bus stops for the benefit of the passengers.

⇒The Smart City has 10 smart junctions for easy flow of traffic at smart strip of 5.6 kms between Japanese garden to Parate Square, Khamla road.

Nagpur Smart City had participated in ‘Selection of Master System Integrator Work under Convergence’ project. Dr Ramnath Sonawane, Chief Executive Officer of NSSCDCL had given presentation before a jury panel on 18 December.  The jury panel comprised Shankar Agarwal, Former Secretary (Housing and Urban Affairs) GoI, Hitesh Vaidya, Director- NIUA, Himanshu Rai, Director – IIM Indore, MP Gupta, Head – Department of Management Studies – IIT Delhi, Dr Amitabh Kundu, Distinguished Fellow, Research & Information System and Dr Geeta Mehta, Professor – Architecture and Urban Design – Columbia University.

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