Sudeep Nagarkar launches his eighth book ‘All Rights Reserved For You’ in Nagpur

Suyash Sethiya | Dec 30, 2016 16:55

On his recent visit to Nagpur, well-known Indian writer Sudeep Nagarkar launched his eight novel ‘All Rights Reserved For You’ at Bookut Book store, Empress Mall. Needless to say, many youngsters were present at the venue to know about Sudeep’s new book and interact with him.

Sudeep’s latest novel ‘All Rights Reserved For You’ is a love story based on his own love story with his wife Jasmine. The main characters in the book are Aditya (as Sudeep) and Jasmine. Speaking to Nation Next about the book, Sudeep said, “In ‘All Rights Reserved For You,’ I have shared my three-year long distance love story. My wife basically hails from Delhi and I am from Mumbai. In the book, I have written about the difficulties we both faced in our long distance relationship. I got married to Jasmine some time back and this was the perfect time to write this book as I wanted to give my wife a memorable gift.”

Interestingly, Sudeep’s debut novel ‘Few Things Left Unsaid’ is being made into a Marathi feature film. Talking about it, Sudeep said, “I’m involved in the process as I have written the dialogues for the movie. The reason for my involvement is simple: It is to balance the story of the novel and the movie. I don’t want that the audience should see my story differently in the movie.”

Interacting with Nation Next, Sudeep also gave a piece of advice to the budding writers. He said, “You need patience to be a good writer. You should be confident about your story and build the characters in a strong way so as to put the story across in a positive way. Problems may occur when you approach the publishers with your story; even then keep calm and have patience. If your story is strong, a good publisher will take a chance and publish your book. So, don’t ever give up.”

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Photos by: Suyash Sethiya