Young couples party hard at a Sufi night at Chill N Grill, Nagpur

Report by: Nation Next Newsroom

Photojournalist: Abhishek Thakare

Apr 18, 2018 17:34

Some young couples of the city were recently spotted having a rollicking time at a get together party cum Sufi night organised at Chill N Grill, Nagpur. The party, which had traditional wear as the dress code, was thrown by Aman and Mysha Ahuja. Keeping up with the Sufi theme of the party, the venue was beautifully decorated making the whole ambience pleasant.

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Abiding by the dress code of the do, couples upped the glam quotient with their stylish traditional outfits. The different games being played during the get together and Sufi songs being sung by a singer added to the fun at the do. Post this, couples had a rocking time as they danced away to glory to the upbeat music being played during a DJ session.