Comedian Sunil Pal accuses Wardha Hospital of medical negligence causing his sister’s death

Amar Ashok Jajoo | Nov 13, 2018 18:55

Sunil Pal (left) and Sharda Pal at Acharya Vinoba Bhave Rural Hospital (right)

Comedian Sunil Pal has accused the management at Acharya Vinoba Bhave Rural Hospital in Sawangi (Wardha) of medical negligence, which as per Sunil caused her sister’s death. Pal has alleged that his sister Sharda Pal (42) slipped in coma in just a few hours of being admitted in the hospital on November 7 as she was not properly treated by the doctors at the hospital, which is affiliated to Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences.

Speaking to Nation Next, Sunil Pal said, “My sister Sharda Pal was admitted to Bhave Rural Hospital on November 7 morning as she complained of severe stomach ache. She slipped in coma in just a few hours after she was admitted at the hospital. Her son Akash Maruti Chaudhary (19), who was also in Mumbai, informed me about the same on November 7. Akash left for Sawangi that day itself and I reached Wardha the following day (November 8). When I reached the hospital, I started enquiring about my sister’s health but couldn’t get any satisfactory answers from anybody.”

Pal alleged that even as her sister was in a serious condition, she was being attended by a medical student rather than a senior doctor. He added, “There was just one medical student and some hospital staff present in the ICU. When I finally spoke to a senior doctor, I was told that the infection has spread in my sister’s body and her organs have stopped working. We then decided to shift my sister from Bhave Rural Hospital to a hospital in Nagpur. When we went to the casualty ward for the same to fill the discharge form, nobody was there to help us. Finally, the hospital arranged an ambulance for taking my sister to Nagpur. Admitting her in Nagpur at a hospital was of no use as it was too late by then. She died in Nagpur on November 8.”

Meanwhile, as per a media report, Bhave Rural Hospital management has refuted the allegations made by Pal and has called them baseless. Dr Rajiv Borle speaking to a local news channel informed that the medical student present at the ICU has already completed his MBBS course and is a 2nd year post-graduate student. Borle also informed that the hospital staff members present apart from the student have an experience of more than five years. Borle said that Sharda Pal was already in a critical condition when she was admitted at Bhave Rural Hospital and her treatment was being done as per procedures. Borle also said Sunil Pal’s actions of barging into the ICU with his friends, shouting and shooting a video were not proper. Borle informed that the hospital will take proper legal action against Pal.

Reacting to Bhave Rural Hospital management’s statement, Pal said, “Woh toh mana karenge hi! My sister was admitted to the hospital on November 7 following a stomach ache. How can she slip in coma in just four hours?” Speaking about her sister, Sunil Pal said, “My sister was left by her husband long back. She was the only earning member and would take care of her son Akash, who’s just 19. I want that the boy should get justice.”