Surviving on just water for 2 days, labour walks over 135 kms from Nagpur to Chandrapur in lockdown

Tejaswini Thote | Mar 27, 2020 16:02

A 26-year-old labour Narendra Shelke, who worked as a daily wage labourer in Ahmednagar near Pune, walked for more than 135 kms from Nagpur to Chandrapur due to the unavailability of public transport amid Coronavirus lockdown. Shelke was surviving on just water since two days.

As people were asked to stay at their homes amid lockdown, Shelke also decided to get back to his hometown in Jambh village in Saoli tehsil of Chandrapur, as construction of the building he had been working for had stopped.

Despite the restrictions on public transportation in the country, Shelke, somehow managed to get a train from Pune to Nagpur. But to his bad luck, he didn’t get any commuting option to reach Chandrapur after reaching Nagpur. Despaired Shelke then decided to cross the journey through walking on the Nagpur-Nagbhid road from Tuesday.

On Wednesday night, an exhausted Shelke reached Sindewahi tehsil. After the police patrolling team saw Shelke, they questioned him. He narrated his entire ordeal and also told them he was travelling from the past two days without food. The police then took him to a rural hospital for medical check-up where a sub-inspector offered him dinner.

After his complete check-up and an approval from the doctors, the police arranged for a vehicle to drop him to his village. Shelke has been asked to self-quarantine himself as a precautionary measure.

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