Tamil Nadu man travels 200 km with wife, kid on stolen bike, ‘couriers’ it back after reaching home

Sharvari Vaidya | Jun 2, 2020 21:13

Tamil Nadu man travels 200 km with wife, kid on stolen bike, ‘couriers’ it back to owner after reaching home…

  • V Suresh Kumar was taken aback after he got his ‘stolen’ bike via courier.
  • Prashanth returned the bike to avoid legal proceedings against him
  • Cops told Kumar his case could begin only post COVID-19 lockdown.
  • Kumar inspected his area’s CCTV footage and identified the thief

V Suresh Kumar, who owns a lathe workshop at Sulur in Coimbatore, was amazed to get a call from a courier provider on Saturday claiming his stolen bike was ready to be delivered to his home address.

Thirty-year-old Prashanth, who was working at a bakery in Coimbatore, on May 18, traveled over 200 km with his wife and kid on bike, which was parked outside Kumar’s residence. The distress of Prashanth stuck in lockdown without a job compelled him steal the bike and reach his home in Tamil Nadu.

After Kumar realised his bike went missing, he filed a police complaint. However, the police informed him that they were on COVID-19 duty and could only begin his case post lockdown. But a reluctant Kumar managed to gather a couple of CCTV footages from his nearby area and identified the thief.

After Prashanth learnt that Kumar had identified him, the former, to avoid any legal hassles, couriered the bike back to Kumar. Although Prashanth had paid the courier charges of Rs13,400, Kumar had to pay additional Rs1,400 as his bike’s declared value according to the insurance papers was Rs 34,000. However, Kumar was happy to get back his bike that too in good condition; he even withdrew his police complaint.

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