Rs 5000 for two paans at this paan center in Aurangabad!

Gursshheen Gahllen | Dec 14, 2016 18:11

Tara Paan Center, Osmanpura, Aurangabad. (Photo by: Zeeshan Haq)

How much can one pay for a paan? Rs 10, Rs 20 or maximum Rs 30? Well think again, at Tara Paan Center located in Osmanpura, Aurangabad, a pair of paan which is meant for newlyweds is sold for Rs 5000 and yes people do buy it! These paans which consist of aphrodisiac (a food or a drink which stimulates sexual desire) whose effect lasts up to two days! Needless to say, orders for these special paans are placed mostly during the wedding season.

Rich in taste and ingredients

If you order a couple paan at Tara Paan Center, you’ll be given a box with a two-compartment packaging with each compartment containing a paan for the male and female. The reason? The ingredients used in the paan meant for male and female are different.

The male paan consists of musk (Rs 70 lakh per kg), agar (a liquid fragrance found only in West Bengal costing Rs 7 lakh per kg), saffron (Rs 2 lakh per kg), rose petals (Rs 80,000 per kg) and a ‘few  secret ingredients’ all wrapped in Kolkata’s famed meetha paan patta.

The female paan consists of rose petals, safed musli (a root used as an aphrodisiac costing Rs 6,000 per kg), less quantity of saffron, among other things all wrapped in the same paan leaf.

Use it wisely!

Along with the box of couple paan, a bottle of ittar (perfurme) is also given to the couple by Tara Paan Center. It is suggested to the customers that they apply this ittar on the body, bedroom pillows and on the bed sheet before involving in sexual acts. The couple is also suggested to consume the paan two hours before they start their first night and that they should consume the paan completely. Spitting the paan out is not an option for both!

At Tara Paan Center located in Osmanpura, Aurangabad, a single paan which is meant for newlyweds is sold for Rs 5000 and yes people do buy it!
Mohammad Sarfuddin Siddiqui, Owner, Tara Paan Center. (Photo by: Zeeshan Haq)

The man behind the paan

Speaking about as to how he ventured into the paan business, the owner of Tara Paan Center, Mohammad Sarfuddin Siddiqui, told Nation Next: “I ventured into the paan business because of my mother. Back in the 60s, just like my friends I went to Mumbai to try my luck in Hindi Cinema. I met a few prominent personalities including Kadar Khan. Kadar sahab once offered me to write dialogues for his theatrical drama. I agreed and even wrote a few lines. Time flew and nothing changed. I kept writing dialogues but there was nobody who offered me a job. Sadly, my mother asked me to come back to Aurangabad and start a business of my own. She mortgaged her jewellery for my new startup and eventually I started my own paan business. Due to my mother’s blessings, I have never seen downfall in my business since the 70s. Today, we not only export our paans in India but even overseas to middle-east countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Dubai.”

On asking him whether he also sells couple paans to customers who’re not married, Siddiqui said, “I ask the couple if they are married or not. If they are married, I ask them what they are looking for and if they are not, I reduce the quantity of ingredients which stimulate sexual desire as I am not in the favour of pre-marital or extra-marital relationships.”

Demonetisation woes

Speaking about how demonetisation has hurt even his business, Siddiqui said, “I have a family of nine – Me and my wife, seven daughters and one son. Definitely, things have changed in the last one month. Customer footfall has decreased which is a bad sign. Modiji’s decision to ban Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes was not wrong but I feel that the demonetisation scheme has not been implemented properly. We are not able to buy the raw material for our shop as everywhere shopkeepers are short of change. Hence we have to get everything on credit.”