Nagpur women wave a dream catcher in male bastion of event management business

Aatima Bhatia | Dec 10, 2016 22:01

The Dream Catchers
The Dream Catchers

A number of event management firms have come up in Nagpur over the years. While some have made their mark, some have just vanished with time. But in Nagpur, the business of event management is blooming as more number of events are now taking place as compared to past years. But do these events bring a cultural change in the city or offer something, which most of the Nagpurians really want? There’s something different, which needs to be done according to these three Nagpur women – Apeksha Munde, Deepshikha Thakur and Deepti Nangia – who have collectively started the event management firm – The Dream Catchers – with an intention to be innovative, give Nagpurians the exposure they deserve and bring about a change in the way business is done!

Nation Next tells you all about The Dream Catchers as it catches up with these three ladies!

Standing tall with men!

There’s no denying the fact that the event management field is highly dominated by men. Tell that to these women and Apeksha Munde is quick to reply, “All three of us feel that in the end it is the product, which matters the most. If it’s attractive, it doesn’t matter whether there’s a man or a woman behind it. So, gender really doesn’t matter anymore. We are all so tech savvy these days and anything and everything can be done through cell phones. And hence, it has all become extremely convenient for women all over. We can sit at home and get all the work done!”

Because designs matter

But what’s so different about The Dream Catchers? After all, there are many event management firms in Nagpur. Deepshikha Thakur explains as she says, “Dream Catchers is not a mainstream event management company. It is in fact, a ‘designer’ event management company! We don’t plan to just get things done for people blandly; we want to do them in the most creative ways possible! We didn’t conceptualise the idea of The Dream Catchers in a day. We observed a lot. Nagpur actually does not have an affordable place where people can go with their families, or on a Sunday afternoon, to chill and beat the stress of the week!

Event management with a difference 

Explaining further, Deepti Nangia says, “We won’t manage corporate or political events like a regular event management firm does. We have a different focus and that is to give Nagpur what it lacks. Our events would be open for public and people can have a good time at the most affordable prices. We basically want to uplift Nagpur’s standards. We want to cater to different kinds of people every year. Like this year we are primarily focusing on organising events for families.”


There’s an age old saying that one should not mix friendship and business. But these women certainly defy the saying! Speaking about the quotient they share with each other, Deepshikha says, “You can call The Dream Catchers an extension of our friendship. It’s not that we are great friends and that’s why we decided to come up with this start-up. We all share a good professional base; have the same level of exposure, passion, confidence and most of all, the will to accomplish our work successfully. It is because of our determination that we three complement each other.”

 All set for the big launch 

Interestingly, The Dream Catchers is all set to rock and roll with its first mega event in December 2016. Deepti says, “Our launch event will have all day long live entertainment. It’s deliberately scheduled on a Sunday so that families can come together and enjoy. Nagpur always needed an event where one could dress up and have a gala time. We will also have a kid’s zone, a Santa house, and lots of other attractions and gift hampers. We will also have 15 multi cuisine food stalls. We intend to make it a perfect ‘picnic-y’ place!” Surprisingly, demonetisation didn’t really deter them from conducting their event in December. Apeksha says, “When demonetisation was announced, we amicably decided not to cancel our event since this event would actually be a perfect getaway and a stress buster for people. Enjoying at such an affordable price would keep them away from all their daily tensions at least for a few hours.”