Nagpur, get ready to experience some musical magic with ‘The Music Story!’

Gursshheen Gahllen | Feb 9, 2017 22:30

With Nation Next as the media partner, The Music Story Season 1 is all set to kick start at Gondwana Club, on February 10, 2017, 7 pm onwards.

Last year has been a musical year and a year of live concerts for Nagpurians. From Farhan Akhtar to Nucleya, from Kailash Kher to Shankar Mahadevan, Nagpurians relished music in 2016 and welcomed all music genres with open arms. This year, 2017, seems to be starting on a musical note for Nagpurians as well as the first season of – The Music Story – a series of musical performances properly planned throughout the year is all set to kick start. With Nation Next as their media partner, the first episode of The Music Story Season 1 will be held on February 10, 2017 at Gondwana Club, Nagpur from 7 pm onwards. The Music Story has been conceptualized by Radiant Brand and Solutions India Private Limited spearheaded by well-known Nagpur event planner Abhishek Thakur. The artists at The Music Story are being managed by I Mojo Entertainment spearheaded by Ashutosh Mohta.

The first ever episode of The Music Story will see Delhi based band – Vyatha – perform live in Nagpur. City artist Ishan Khan will open the act for Vyatha and will be mainly singing popular Bollywood numbers. When Vyatha takes over, it will play self-composed music and popular Indian music with a twist in multiple genres like alternative, Indi rock, Himalayan folk music and progressive music. Speaking to Nation Next, Zibran Khan, Director of Production at Radiant, who in Nagpur has handled the production of big shows like Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Papon’s live concert, Indian Ocean’s live concert and the music festival Incarnation in the past, said, “Getting bands like Vyatha to Nagpur who compose original music and present the already composed music in their own unique way is a well-planned experiment. Ashutosh and I have been working on this project since the last eight months. It was after a lot of discussion that we decided to give Nagpur the kind of music we’re going to bring and the music they rightfully deserve as Nagpurians want to listen to different kind of music. With The Music Story, we intend to give people in the age bracket of 18-60 something new.”

Speaking further about The Music Story, Ashutosh said, “During the entire season (12 months) of The Music Story, we are going to bring in eight artists/bands from around India, who are well settled in their own zone and are happily making their own music. Each of them has a different style of music and so Nagpur will be experiencing a blend of music from different places.” Talking about the USP of The Music Story, Ashutosh added, “The Music Story is going to be an interactive musical session between the artists and the audience. For The Music Story, we have crafted a custom made stage, which will be an attraction during the show. We wish to take our venture to different places in Nagpur in the future. The reason why we are starting with Gondwana Club is that a lot of club members who are co-incidentally music lovers visit the club at least thrice or four times a week. So, we have a ready available audience base. We have sent invites to around 400 members and we are expecting a turnout of at least 300 people for the first episode. To conclude the first season, we are even planning a grand finale. Also, apart from giving Nagpurians original music, through The Music Story, we wish to create a platform for local talent. Nagpur has a lot of talented musicians and we would definitely love to give them a chance to regale the audience with their self-composed music.”