‘Flute-sisters’ amazed Nagpurians with their soulful renditions on the third day of Kalidas Samaroh

Suyash Sethiya | Nov 23, 2016 19:32

The third day of Kalidas Samaroh was graced by the talented flautist sisters Debopriya Chatterjee Randive and Suchismita Chatterjee Acharya. Ojas Adhiya too left the music lovers asking for more as he stole the show with his perfect tabla beats, which he played on the tune of Bageshwari raag. Dr Neena Yadav looked resplendent as she performed Mohiniyattam.

Nation Next takes you on a pictorial tour of Kalidas Samaroh, which was held at Deshpande Hall, Nagpur on November 22.

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Photos by: Suyash Sethiya