The little girl who donated her liver to me now lives inside me!

Report by: Sneha Shah

Edited by: Amar Ashok Jajoo

Photojournalist: Himanshu Pal

May 26, 2018 18:28

It was an emotional moment for three people recently when they came together at the New Era Hospital situated at Quetta Colony Nagpur. All of three of them hail from different parts of the country, however, there was one thing, which was common between all of them – Lives of all these three people were saved because of a liver transplant surgery they underwent at the hospital.

In what can be called as a first in the Vidarbha region, Nagpur’s New Era Hospital recently conducted three successful liver transplants within just five days. The patients who received organs and underwent successful operations were Preeti Khanna (40, Female, Delhi), Omprakash Singh (65, Male, Kolkata), Chandrashekhar Moundekar (45, Male, Nagpur).

When Nation Next spoke to one of the recipients of the organ, he was literally in tears. Moundekar, said, “I’m really thankful to the little girl who donated her liver to me. I feel that, now, she lives inside me! Donating organs can be really helpful for somebody. In the future, if I can, I would want to donate my organs to someone needy.” The other two patients too shared the same sentiment about the concept of organ donation.

Expressing happiness over the transplants, one of the directors of the hospital Dr Anand Sancheti (Cardiac and Heart Transplant surgeon), said, “I am very thankful to the family members of the donors for coming forward to help in the transplant and spreading awareness about organ donation in the process. I’m also thankful to ZTCC (Zonal Transplant Coordination Center) for helping to make the transplant successful.”

Terming it as an achievement, Dr Nilesh Agrawal (Neuro and Spinal surgeon), said, “It is the first time in Vidarbha that the transplant of three livers was successfully conducted in five days. It was really challenging to transplant the liver of a small child into an adult’s body, but we could successfully do it. The donor’s age is reported to be the lowest in Maharashtra, which is another achievement for us.”

Organ transplant is a complicated process and requires timely operations. Informing about the process of the transplant, Dr Sancheti added, “It takes around 12 hours for the complete surgery, which includes two procedures – to retrieve the liver from the donor and to transplant it to the recipient. Retrieval of the liver takes about two or three hours whereas it takes seven or eight hours to put it inside the recipient’s body. Also, even as the waiting list of the patients (waiting for an organ) is too long, we need to find an appropriate donor that suits the patients’ needs.”

When Nation Next spoke to one of family members of the patients about the cost of such transplant, the gentleman said, “Kya batau sahab, ghar bik jate hain!” It’s a costly process, no doubt, and hence it was great to know that the transplants at the New Era Hospital were done at much lesser price. Speaking about the same, Dr Rahul Saxena (Chief Liver Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgeon) said, “Complicated and important surgeries like liver transplants, tradionally, have always been conducted in metro cities like Mumbai. At these places, the surgeries cost around Rs 40-50 lakhs. Many patients cannot afford such a hefty amount. Our greatest achievement is that, at our hospital, we could do the surgery in 20-22 lakhs for each patient.”