Entrepreneurs share their inspirational success stories at TiECON in Nagpur

Report by: Sneha Shah

Edited by: Amar Ashok Jajoo

Photojournalist: Abhishek Thakare

Apr 11, 2018 13:23

Nagpur chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) recently organised (April 7 and April 8) a two-day conference – TiECON – at Persistent Systems, IT Park, Nagpur. The intention behind organizing the conference was to inspire and enlighten budding entrepreneurs with the help of success stories of entrepreneurs and founders of national and multi-national companies. The theme of the conference was – Entrepreneurs… RISE!  Standing for-reinvent, invocate, success and enjoy.

Among those present at the conference were Suja Chandy (VP, Invest India), Amit Kumar (VP, Quikr), Bhagirath Merchant (Former President, BSE and Chairman, Visaka Industries), Nikhil Agrawal (Founder, Entrepreneur café and High commissioner India, WBAF), Avik Chattopadhyay (Co-creator, Expereal), Ramesh Daryapurkar  (CEO, Lars Enviro), SP Garnaik (CGM, EESL), Mahavir Pratap Sharma (Chairman and Co-founder, Rain), Vishwas Mahajan (Founder, Lifeline), Amitabh Shrivastava (VC, IAN), Subhadeep Sanyal (President, Omnivore Partners), Devendra Gupta (Co-founder, Ecozen), Anil Nair (President, CREDAI), Debraj Ghosal (Faculty, SPJIMR), LS Murti (Director, IIM Nagpur), Pradeep Bhargav (Past Chairman, CII – Western Region), Prakash Soni (Chairman, Officemate), Ritesh Singhania (Managing Director, Manmohan Minerals and Chemicals Private Limited), Yash Gandhi (COO, AK Gandhi Group), Prashant Garg (Director, Diffusion Engineers Ltd), Sheetal Amte (CEO, Anandwan), Rashi Bedia (GM, Tata Communication), S Natarajan (Strategic Partner, Intel), Sunil Ranka (Z Nation Lab), Guhesh Ramnathan (Excubator), Monika Panpaliya (Senior Director, Boeing), Rizwan Ahmed (President of Technology, Delaplex), Aditi Rohan (Elanic), Angad Singi (Lithos Motors), Kunal Gadre (FinEffi Energy), Sahil Chawla (tSecond), Udit Kejriwal (Trapiago), Prithvi Shergil (Co-Founder, Smarten Spaces), , Pankaj Poddar (Co-founder, Hipcouch), Rajendra Jaiswal (Marathoner), Sandeep Shrivastava (Dialogue Writer of movies like Shivay, Ab Tak Chappan, etc) and Shruti Jasani (Proprietor, The Stage).

The conference kick started with a welcome address by Milind Chittawar (President, Nagpur chapter of TiE). Chittawar, during his address said, “The aim of TiE and TiECON is to provide budding industrialists with mentoring, education, networking, incubation and funding opportunities.”  His speech was followed by a session by three entrepreneurs on the topic: Driving Central India’s Economic Growth. During the session, Ramesh Daryapurkar, while speaking on the subject – Go to Market – mentioned about business success and failures, customers and various other strategies adopted by his company Lars Enviro. Stressing upon the importance of being ethically right in business processes while exporting products, Daryapurkar said, “Never forget that you are exporting as an Indian (representing India) and our country’s name is at stake.”

Addressing the people present further on Day 1, various entrepreneurs spoke on topics like – Startup and Investments, Investor and Investee, Competition Driving Innovation, Business operations: Key to productivity, Business and ethics, Family Businesses and Woman of Substance.

The Day 2 of the conference revolved around topics – Corporates and Startups: Significant Companion, Disruption in Technology, Startups, Human Resource: Key Insights, Rags to Riches, Its Determination that works, Learning from Film Industries and Arts and Hobbies.