Tiger’s presence spreads panic in Nagpur’s popular schools campus area

Radhika Dhawad | Sep 22, 2019 12:34

Presence and movement of a tiger near areas in Nagpur district left residents of nearby localities panic-stricken few days back.
Representational image (Photo source: National Geographic)

Presence and movement of a tiger near areas – Fetri (adopted village of Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis), Borgaon, Yerla, Chicholi, Sawli, Dahegaon and Kalmeshwar in Nagpur district left residents of nearby localities panic-stricken few days back. However, an effort to drive the tiger towards deep forest has been initiated.

Authorities of premium Nagpur schools including Jain International School, Poddar International School, Bhavan’s Bhagwandas Purohit Vidyamandir – Ashti – restricted the movements of their students to indoor activities only due to the fear of tiger. The tiger was spotted after multiple pugmarks were spotted in the above-mentioned areas. Also, four cows had died after the tiger attacked them.

Forest official Kundan Hate told Nation Next, “Fortunately from past two days, as per our observation, the tiger is on his way back to his home range (Kalmeshwar) from the same route through which he’d come in city. We’ve set up camera trap at various places in forest and other areas. He was on a ‘cattle-kill;’ we allowed him to do so for the safety of people. Had we not allowed the tiger to eat the cattle, he would have attacked nearby people. Our team is keeping a close watch on the tiger round the clock. The tiger since the beginning avoided attacking humans but still people are tend to get scared; it’s quite natural.”

Kundan along with his team even conducted awareness-training camps for the same. He said, “We shortlisted five kids from every village that required attention and caution. We conducted workshops and educated everybody through the kids vis-à-vis the various habits of tigers so that they could inform maximum people. We told them that tigers have been visiting their villages since ages, its just that they spotted one today!”

Rajat Vashisth from Nagpur whose daughter studies at Jain International School, said, “School is operational; however students are confined to just indoor activities. As of now the school isn’t allowing them to go outdoors.”

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