Transgender brutally attacked by rival gang members in Nagpur

Nation Next Newsroom | Jun 5, 2019 16:10

Sensation prevailed on Tuesday in Kalamna area when Chamcham Gajbhiye was attacked with knives by transgender activist Uttam Baba and his accomplices.
The victim Chamcham in the inset

Sensation prevailed on Tuesday afternoon in Kalamna area when transgender Chamcham Gajbhiye (25) was attacked with knives by rival gang leader and transgender activist Uttam Baba Senapati and his accomplices at the latter’s residence.

As per the police, at around 1.45 pm, Chamcham and other transgenders had assembled at Senapati’s house for distribution of cash collected by the transgenders. When a dispute arose, Senapati along with Chattu alias Kalam Uikey, Kiran Gauri, Nisar Sheikh and two others brutally assaulted Chamcham and her accomplice Rakhi Vasant Khobragade.

Such was the intensity of the attack that Chamcham’s left hand’s plam was severed from the middle. She also received serious injuries on her skull. A profusely bleeding Chamcham was rushed to Hope Hospital by Naushad. Chamcham is undergoing treatment and fighting for her life.

Uttam Baba Senapati, who is the president of Vidarbha Kinnar Samaj, is said to be a mentor to Chamcham once. Over a period of time, Chamcham formed her own gang and also floated Bhartiya Surajya Party to demand separate statehood for Vidarbha. The attack is suspected to be a result of war between Uttam Baba and Chamcham’s gang over distributing of money and territory.

Kalamna Police have arrested Uttam Baba and his accomplices and have booked them under sections 307, 341, 323, 143, 147, 148 and 149 of the IPC.