Two men, including Sadhu, found murdered at Ashram in Nanded

Nation Next Newsroom | May 25, 2020 17:53

Two persons, including a Sadhu, were found murdered at Pashupati Ashram situated in Umri Taluka of Nanded in Maharashtra on early Sunday.
Swami Shivacharya Rudra

Two persons, including a Sadhu, were found murdered at Pashupati Ashram situated in Umri Taluka of Nanded in Maharashtra on early Sunday. The deceased Sadhu, Swami Shivacharya Rudra (33), was found dead along with Bhagwan Shinde (50), a suspected associate of the accused.

The police have arrested a man Sainath Langote (25) in connection with the two murders. As per the police, the motive behind the two murders seems to be robbery. Langote, who was nabbed at Telangana border, is a history-sheeter and has cases of murder and molestation registered against him.

Nanded SP Vijaykumar Magar said that the incident took place at around 3 am on Sunday when Langote went to the Ashram with an intention to rob the Sadhu. Magar said, “The room was completely ransacked and there are marks on the walls indicating that the deceased (the Sadhu) resisited the attack. Eventually, Langote killed him with the help of a rope.”

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As per Magar, after robbing valuables from the Sadhu’s room, Langote also wanted to dispose the Sadhu’s body but couldn’t do it as the Sadhu’s followers had woken up. Magar said, “Langote took a laptop, Rs 71,000 in cash and other valuables from the room. He also dragged the sadhu’s body to the latter’s four-wheeler to dispose it. However, the vehicle crashed into the gate of the ashram and some of the sadhu’s followers saw this. They suspected that Langote was stealing the four-wheeler.”

The followers broke the car windows and saw the Sadhu’s body along with the valuables. Before they could nab Langote, he escaped on a stolen motorcycle. Explaining the connection between Shinde (the other person who was murdered) and Langote, Magar said, “Shinde had been seen moving around with Langote since Saturday morning. We suspect that Langote wanted Shinde to accompany him to rob the sadhu. However, when Shinde refused, he was murdered. Prima facie the motive behind the two murders is robbery.”

Former Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis expressed shock over the Sadhu’s murder. He tweeted, “Incident of the brutal murder of a Sadhu and other Sevekari in Nanded district is shocking and painful. My heartfelt tributes.” Fadnavis also urged Maharashtra government to ensure that the accused is severely punished.

BJP MLA Rajesh Pawar slammed the police as he said, “The Sadhu was a known and respected figure in the area. It is important to note that the villagers had filed a complaint (molestation) against the accused 15 days back. However, the police did not take any action against him. Therefore the incident took place. Action should be taken against the police too.”