Unhappy over birth of girl child, father and grandmother kill 4-day-old baby

Sneha Shah | May 19, 2020 16:26

In a horrifying incident in Tamil Nadu, a 4-day-old baby was killed by her father and grandmother on May 14 as they were unhappy over the birth of the baby, the fourth girl child in their family. The accused father Thavamani (33) and Pandiammal (57) are of Chozhavandhan in Madurai.

As per reports, Thavamani and his wife Chitra had given birth to their fourth daughter last week at a primary health center. Unhappy with the birth, Thavamani and his mother Pandiammal decided to murder the infant. After they killed the little girl, the accused buried her body near the Vaigai River when the baby’s mother was away. The infant’s body was discovered by police on May 16 and upon investigation the case was revealed to be of female infanticide.

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The accused were arrested on May 17 on charges of murder. S Vanita, Additional Superintendent of Police, said that the accused initially cooperated with the investigation and pleaded innocence claiming that infant died in her sleep and that they even called for an ambulance to take her to the hospital. However, the autopsy result of the infant showed contusions in the head and skull area, which indicated that the death might not have been a natural one. Upon further interrogation, the duo confessed to the crime.

According to S Vanita, the accused had first given the infant a herbal juice, which is commonly used for female infanticide in interior villages of Tamil Nadu and when the baby survived it, they suffocated her to death. The police officer also informed that the mother of the infant is not involved in the crime.