My life has been very different from the rest of the lot, says actress Urvashi Dholakia

Radhika Dhawad | Dec 11, 2016 15:50

Urvashi Dholakia
Urvashi Dholakia

Urvashi Dholakia, 38, who’s best known for her role as Komolika in the soap opera Kasautii Zindagii Kay, doesn’t look a bit of her age. After winning the season 6 of reality show Bigg Boss, she rejected more than 15 shows, as she wanted to give all her attention to her sons – Sagar and Kshitij. Urvashi has now turned entrepreneur with her new business venture 9High.  In a candid chat with Nation Next, Urvashi Dholakia speaks about her new venture, her famous role in Kasautii Zindagii Kay and reveals why she never thought of remarrying!

Please tell us something about your new business venture ‘9High.’

9High was a business thought that I always wanted to implement and execute since years at some point of time in my life. 9High basically provides a full range of services including event planning, large scale exhibitions, designing, venue scouting, entertainment, weddings, corporate events, private events, parties etc. I’ve been in the television industry for almost three decades now. So, I thought that if I were to use any kind of work experience and expertise, it would be for this business. Even on the website,, I’ve mentioned the same.

Also, please tell us about the upcoming event – Vintage fair 2016 – that is in Jalandhar on 17th and 18th December2016.

Vintage Fair 2016 happened by sheer chance! My friend Dhruv Wadhwa knew that I had set up 9High. So, he supported me a lot in my work. Despite being so ambitious, I was kind of aimless! I was still trying to find a path. Things aren’t easy in a business. Also, people had certain inhibitions and preconceived notions about me as I’m an actress. There were people at times who, instead of encouraging me, discouraged me.

Vintage Fair 2016 is an exhibition that includes exclusive artifacts, home décor, crockery, footwear, stationary, etc. In fact, it will also exhibit electronic items, gadgets and men’s wear.

You have been a strong independent single mother. You said that you rejected 15 shows post Bigg Boss, as you wanted to give your time to your sons at least till they are 21. Now that they are, when do we get to see you back on television?  

It’s not that I won’t ever work in television again. Acting has always been a part of me. Before I won Bigg Boss 6, I didn’t work for a year or two. Again, post Bigg Boss 6, I took a break and I came back with the serial Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hai on SAB TV because I thought the serial offered something different. Also, audience saw me in an extremely different light, compared to the previous characters that I have played. Basically, a role has to excite me.

You have almost set a benchmark for comparison of vamps through your role as Komolika from Kasautii Zindagii Kay, which was a very popular saas-bahu soap. How do you feel when people still relate you with a role that you played decades back?

I’m amazed, humbled and thankful. Komolika’s the name that I have earned! The show began in 2001. People recognise me as Komolika even after 15 years. In fact, today itself, while I was travelling in a cab, the cab driver recognised me as Komolika. He said that I haven’t changed a bit in these years!

You have an interesting tattoo of a constellation behind your neck. What was the thought and motivation behind this tattoo?

I’m a Cancerian, hence the tattoo! Also, I had a deal with my sons; when they turn 21, they can get inked. So, while my son was getting a tattoo done on his back and on his hand, even I got tempted to get a tattoo!

Urvashi Dholakia
Urvashi Dholakia sporting a constellation tattoo behind her ear

There have been rumours that both your sons Sagar and Kshitij would make a Bollywood debut soon. Do they have any such plans?

That was news to me! I wasn’t in the country when this news broke out. I was shocked when I heard this news. Sagar does aspire to become an actor though. Kshitij too plans for the same but I guess at present, Sagar’s more popular. I just want to support and guide my kids for whatever they want to do in life. If Sagar debuts in a film, I need your prayers and wishes! Like all parents, I too want my children to supersede my achievements.

You are extremely pretty. Moreover you look much younger than your actual age. Didn’t you ever think of remarrying? If you were to, how would your sons react?

Squarely, I never thought of remarrying because working in the television industry was too hectic. My only focus has been my work and my family. I always wanted to come back home and make sure that my family is happy. I wanted to provide my family with everything I could. Also, my life has been very different from the rest of the lot.

Speaking about remarriage, I don’t know how my sons would react! (Laughs) My sons and me do have random talks at times. We talk like friends. They ask me at times, “You don’t want to get married or what?” to which I reply, “Nahi, jab sochungi toh bata dungi”! (Laughs)

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