Usha Uthup Interview: I didn’t start singing to be a playback singer

Nation Next Newsroom | Nov 12, 2018 15:11

In a Dialogue @ Nation Next, the Original Diva of Indian Pop Usha Uthup speaks about her nearly five decade long singing career, her famous songs like ‘Rambha Ho Sambha Ho,’ ‘Hari Om Hari,’ etc., her signature look and her love for stage. 

Usha Uthup, who has sung songs in more than sixteen Indian languages and quite a few foreign languages as well, during the interview also spoke about the time when she started her career, her passion for acting and more!


Producer: Vikrant Shandilya

Anchor: Amar Ashok Jajoo

Camera: Abhishek Thakare and Himanshu Pal

Video Editor: Himanshu Pal

Here’s the complete interview:

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