Uttar Pradesh Police sets up anti-romeo squad; cops get training on ‘how to spot a Romeo’

Radhika Dhawad | May 23, 2017 19:56

anti-romeo squad (NDTV)
Uttar Pradesh Police imparting training on ‘anti-romeo’ squad (Photo credit: NDTV)

Senior police officer Navneet Sikera in the Lucknow office imparted training to the state’s policemen on ‘how to spot a Romeo.’ The anti-romeo squad was set up soon after Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath took over. The main reason behind setting up the squad is to target men who harass women.

Major part of the training session is about how to spot a ‘romeo’ and on how assigned police must behave. The squads have been advised not to trouble couples. During the workshop, a police officer, without revealing his identity, said, “One cop announced in a proud manner that his presence in a public park scares away most people there, particularly couples. We have to change this mindset.”

Sikera, pointing out that when news channels show couples being troubled by anti-romeo squad, he said, “Supposedly, if a boy and girl are sitting together and chatting. Is that harassment? No. But if the girl draws a line and says I don’t want to chat further and the boy persists, that is harassment. If a couple is sitting together, and the girl is uncomfortable, the we policemen would intervene.”

Our teams would have camera all the time. One should immediately start recording the incident, which requires our involvement,” said police officer Babita Singh.