Cops release teenager after parents fearing hefty challan lock him for demanding bike ride

Joy Jacob | Sep 12, 2019 17:54

Uttar Pradesh cops help teenager get out of room several hours after being locked up…

The amended Motor Vehicle Act fines, which has been making news ever since it was implemented from September 1, 2019, seems to have had the desired effect as a couple from Uttar Pradesh locked up their minor son who was insisting on riding the new motorcycle that his parents had bought.

The couple feared their son would be caught by the traffic cops and they would have to bear the burden of the huge fine and a possible prison term as well and since the 16-year-old lad was demanding that he should be allowed to ride the new motorcycle, they decided to lock him up at home.

The boy who was locked up for several hours at home, in a desperate attempt called up police to get his parents to unlock him.

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