Vannraj resort at Pench makes you feel like the king of jungle!

Amar Ashok Jajoo | May 11, 2017 18:44

When Rudyard Kipling’s book – ‘The Jungle Book’ – was published in 1894, he never would have thought that the present area of Pench Tiger Reserve which was the setting of his book, more than 120 years later, would be such a buzzing wildlife destination. Located around 70 kms from Nagpur, Pench National Park is a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise with its rich flora and fauna. Over the years, to cater to these wildlife enthusiasts, many resorts have been established at Pench. While many resorts are budget resorts meant for the hardcore wildlife lovers who like to visit the jungle very often, there are a very select few resorts which offer luxury and peace right in the middle of the jungle. One such resort at Pench is the luxury safari lodge – Vannraj – which literally means the ‘The king of the forest.’ Nation Next takes you on a pictorial tour of the beautiful, royal and luxurious Vannraj resort, where a stay with your loved ones will definitely be memorable!

Vannraj - 1

Vannraj is a luxury safari lodge situated at the border of Pench National Park and is spread across 20 acres of land.

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The resort is owned by Ramprasad and Kshitiz Agrawal, who are the directors of Pench Tiger Retreat Private Limited.

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The specialty of Vannraj is that it is located within a dense forest. At Vannraj there are around 15,000 trees. In addition to that, bamboo plantations have also been done.

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While Vannraj literally means ‘the king of forest,’ the architecture and interiors of the resort are a mix of royal and new age designs.

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The complete resort has been designed by ace Nagpur architect Ritu Chanekar.

Nation Next takes you on a pictorial tour of the royal and luxurious Vannraj resort, where a stay with your loved ones will definitely be memorable!

People who visit Vannraj can enjoy staying in three types of accommodations: Traditional Cottages, The Machan Suites and The Vannraj Villa.

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The traditional cottages at Vannraj are inspired by native architecture and have high pitched sloping roofs with Mangalorean tiles. The open verandah at the cottage will give you a feeling that you’re in a village.

Vannraj - 8

The machan suites are standalone cottages which offer luxury, privacy and comfort all at the same time.

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The large sunken bathtubs and the panoramic forest view at a machan suite is sure to make your stay special.

Vannraj - 10

What’s more is that these suites give the guests an opportunity to spend the night under the stars!

Vannraj - 12

If that’s not enough, a private butler will be at your service always to make to truly feel like a king!

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Vannraj has one of the biggest swimming pools among all the resorts prevailing in Pench. The deck by the swimming pool can accommodate around 80-100 people at a time.

Vannraj - 14

Those who don’t like taking a dip in the water can also relax at the traditional ‘Khatiyas’ beside the pool.

The restaurant at Vannraj can cater to 100-150 people at a time. The sumptuous spread which is prepared from chemical free products sourced from Vannraj’s large organic farm will be served to you on the table.

Vannraj - 16

The dining venues apart from the restaurant also includes a pool deck and a wooden deck suspended over a lake.

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The lobby at the resort is spacious and also consists of a library. The conference hall at Vannraj, which is meticulously designed can accommodate 50-60 people at a time.

Vannraj - 18

To enable access to the entire resort, eco-friendly e-rickshaws are available for tourists visiting Vannraj.

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Apart from a big swimming pool, there’s a billiard table, a table tennis table, a badminton court, fuss ball table, etc. So, there’s something for everybody at Vannraj!