Tamil Nadu woman bites off husband’s penis after being caught with another man

Nation Next Newsroom | Aug 4, 2018 18:34

In a shocking and a bizarre incident in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, a middle-aged woman bit off a chunk of her husband’s penis after being caught red-handed by him with another man on Monday. The 45-year-old woman Jayanthi was charged with attempted murder by the police on Friday.

Police official Prakash Babu told AFP that Jayanthi had gone with her farmer husband Rajan (name changed) to watch a play on Monday but later snuck away to meet her lover. When Jayanthi did not return for more than an hour, Rajan went looking for her.

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Babu told AFP: “He found her in close contact with her lover. A scuffle followed during which the dhoti tunic that the man was wearing fell off. She bit off a part of his penis before running away with her lover.”

Rajan was immediately rushed to a hospital by the villagers, who also informed the police. Rajan is still in the hospital and is undergoing treatment.

Jayanthi was arrested by the police on Wednesday. As per TOI, the woman confessed to the crime and has been sent to Vellore Central Prison for Women.