Understanding credit rating and opportunities in digital infrastructure

Suyash Sethiya | Feb 3, 2017 18:47

VIA Economy and Finance Forum, Nagpur, recently organised an interactive session wherein D Ravishankar and Dr E Shankarrao spoke on the topics – ‘Enhancing credit worthiness through credit rating’ and ‘Opportunities in digital infrastructure’ – respectively. Also present at the session were VIA representatives Saket Bagdia, Rohit Agrawal, OS Bagdia and Dr Suhas Buddhe.

While Saket Bagdia, Convener, Economy and Finance Forum introduced both the speakers,  OS Bagdia, Vice President VIA, too welcomed the speakers and stressed on the importance of topics the speakers were going to speak upon.

The first speaker at the session was Founder and Director of Brickwork Ratings (I) Pvt Ltd, D Ravishankar, who spoke on the topic – Enhancing credit worthiness through credit rating. During his session, he covered the basics of credit rating. He explained the process of understating credit rating and rating scales. He also explained the rating criteria and rating process in a brief manner. D Ravishankar stressed on the importance of information flow from the company for better evaluation, understanding and determination of appropriate credit rating for any corporate. He also stressed on importance of corporate governance as the golden principle in enhancing rating scales.

The second speaker was Dr E Shankara Rao, Director and CEO of IIFCL Asset Management Company Ltd. who spoke on the topic – Opportunities in digital infrastructure. During his session he highlighted the growth of Integrated Infra Eco System, Indian Infra Financing Chain, Financing Instruments, etc. He also explained the importance of Indian Digital Infrastructure Growth. He spoke on the fundamentals of good policies, which leads to good progress and better governance for any company. By giving an example of infrastructure in different sectors like Telecom, Electricity, Roads, Ports, airports and SEZ’s he appreciated the infrastructure growth of India. Dr E Shankara Rao also spoke on various financial instruments available to tackle the requirement of the company which can be in favor of all stake holders.

Pictures by: Suyash Sethiya