VICCO Director Sanjeev Pendharkar conferred with ABP Majha Sanman Award

Nation Next Newsroom | Jul 28, 2019 16:48

Sanjeev Pendharkar, Director, VICCO, received the prestigious ABP Majha Sanman Award from Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis.
VICCO Director Sanjeev Pendharkar receiving the ‘ABP Majha Sanman Award’ from Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis

Continuing its tradition of honouring the excellence and positive contributions of the most deserving people across various walks of life, ABP MAJHA, India’s leading Marathi news channel, hosted the 10th edition of ABP Majha Sanman Awards at St. Rejis, Lower Parel, Mumbai on July 25, 2019. Sanjeev Pendharkar, Director, VICCO, received the prestigious ‘Majha Sanman Award’ from Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis.

This award to Pendharkar serves as a recognition and appreciation of all the entrepreneurs, who have demonstrated creativity, vision, excellence dedication in the business sector. The purpose of ‘Majha Sanman Award’ is to shine a spotlight on all the distinguished personalities and leaders from different walks of life who with their strong leadership and positive contribution to the society are making a splash in their respective communities.

Elated and humbled with the recognition, Pendharkar said, “To be present here amidst some of the most prominent and noteworthy personalities and be bestowed upon with such a premier and distinguished award is a matter of immense pride and joy for me. The fact that the award is presented by our Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis and the spiritual scholar Pt. Shankar Abhyankar make it all the more special to me. I am exceedingly thankful to all who found me worth the honour. This love and appreciation further invigorate our spirit and gives immense credibility to mine and VICCO’s efforts towards our goal of achieving a healthier and wholesome society through our products and services”.

The glittering ceremony saw a large number of high-profile dignitaries like Spiritual Guru – Appasaheb Dharmadhikari, Social Worker – Girish Prabhune, Litterateur – Uma Kulkarni, Wrestler – Rahul Aware, artist – Shashikant Dhotre and actors – Radhika Apte and Siddharth Jadhav who were also felicitated with awards for their exceptional work and the impact.

Extending his thanks to ABP Mahja, he further added, “The Majha Sanman award is quite an impactful and most sought-after award today and absolutely needs no introduction. Organized by ABP Majha, a 24-hour Marathi News Channel which is quite an authoritative and trusted voice in the television broadcasting industry, the channel continues to be on the frontline of broadcast news for many years now. The role of the channel in shaping the future of television broadcasting industry is significantly herculean.

“The way ABP Majha endeavours to organise such poignant award events with a sole aim to bring respected identities from myriad sectors of society, all under one roof and honour them with the most coveted awards, is commendable beyond words.”, he said.

In the past, the Majha Sanman Award has been bestowed upon the likes of Anna Hazare, Sachin Tendulkar, Atul Kirloskar, Kishori Amonkar, Vijaya Mehta, Shobha De and Tanuja among others.