Vidarbha Maheshwari Sports Association conducts players’ auction in Nagpur

Nation Next Newsroom | Sep 12, 2018 19:33

Vidarbha Maheshwari Sports Association (VMSA), on September 2, kick started the 9th season of its annual sporting activities, as it organised a grand players’ auction at Naivedhyam Eastoria, Nagpur. At the auction, eight teams collectively bought 150 players, who will participate in games such as football, leather ball cricket, tennis ball cricket, table tennis, badminton, chess, pool, carrom and volleyball organised by VMSA.

While city industrialist Shravan Malu was the chief guest at the auction, also present during the auction were Madhusudan Binzani, Kapil Chandak and Sudhir Baheti.

At the auction, each team was given a purse of 40 lakh points, in which they had to make a team of 18 players for the year. Ashish Rathi turned out to be the highest bidded player after being bought with 8 lakh points followed by Prateek Kabra with 6.5 lakh points. Both these players were bought by Team Lipi Lions. Also, some of the teams like DSV Warriors, Pinamaya Cycles and VPA East Warriors could buy good players at a very low value.

The eight teams participating the VMSA’s sporting event include: Dynamic Chargers (owned by Prashant Mohota), VPA East Warriors (owned by Kunal Mandhania and Akash Nabira), Lipi Lions (Owned by Giriraj Kothari and Madhur Mohta), DSV Warriors (owned by Dharmendra Bajaj, Sharad Soni and Vivek Sarda), Marwad Super Kings (owned by Ashish Khemani, Arpit Khemani, Shishir Sarda, Abhishek Mundra and Dinesh Maloo), Knight Rangers (owned by Aditya Pasari, Nikesh Bang, Deepak Mandhana and Parikshit Chandak), Sunrisers XI (owned by Gaurav Sarda, Atul Daga, Pankaj Tapadiya, Pratik Tapadia and Pavan Bhaiya) and Pinamaya Cycles (owned by Praveen Surjan, Nilesh Gandhi and Suumit Mandhana).

The entire event was managed by VMSA project director Prateek Rathi.