Sex education is a must so that children are aware of sexual preferences: Dr Milind Mane

Report by: Mariya Melani

Edited by: Radhika Dhawad

Photojournalist: Himanshu Pal

Jan 12, 2018 11:19

BJP MLA from north Nagpur Dr Milind Mane, during Vidarbha’s first LGBTQI talk show, speaks about the importance of recognising the rights of the LGBT community.

Dr Milind Mane, referring to the LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, Queer and Intersex) community said that sex education must be introduced in schools so that children are aware of various sexual preferences.

Mane, who said the same during the first ever talk show on LGBTQI at Tuli Imperial in Nagpur recently, was the chief guest at the show. He said, “There’s full support to the LGBTQI community. I would take up the issue of LGBTQI community’s rights with the state government in the assembly.”

Mane also spoke about the discrimination of the LGBTQI community by saying, “They have been facing a lot of discrimination. Even while visiting public toilets and procuring medical facilities, they’ve faced discrimination.” He even assured to build public toilets for the community from his discretionary funds and demand separate wards in hospitals.

The talk show had several speakers such as Father Thomas Ninan NCCI (National Council of Churches in India), Utttam Baba (transgender activist), Advocate Philomina, Swati Dharmadhikari from Tirpude College, Rishi Agrawal from Hislop College, several Human Rights activists and LGBTQI supporters. Executive CEO of Sarathi Trust Nukunj Joshi and Manohar Roy hosted the talk show.

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The Supreme Court ruled in favour of NLSA (National Legal Services Authority) judgment that protects the basic rights of transgender persons and demands separate toilets and separate wards in hospitals. Talking about the same and section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, Uttam Baba said, “Till when are going to beg? Now, we’re going to fight for our rights. If our constitution preaches equality for every citizen, then why aren’t we treated equal? Are we not the citizens of the country? And if yes, why are we unable to exercise our rights?”

Nikunj Joshi told Nation Next, “We are happy that the Supreme Court is hearing our second petition. We’re positive that the court will rule in our favour. Also, we’re organising an Orange City LGBTQI pride march on January 13th, which will be the largest pride march in Vidarbha.”