VIDEO: Truck rams into tempo injuring 10, killing 2 in Nagpur

Tejaswini Thote | Jan 14, 2020 17:02

NAGPUR: In a horrific incident, a truck dashed a tempo at Mhalgi Nagar in Nagpur injuring 10 people and killing two. The incident took place on Tuesday morning when a truck broke its signal and collided with a garbage pickup tempo at 7 am.

Speaking to Nation Next PSI Vijay Masram at Sakkardara Police Station said, “Two people have lost their lives on the spot while 10 people have sustained minor as well as major injuries. The accident probably occurred because it was morning time and people normally don’t follow the traffic signal.”

In the CCTV footage procured by Nation Next, it can be clearly seen that the truck broke the signal resulting in the dreadful accident.

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