Meet Nagpur’s Vijay Kasture who lives in a so-called bhoot bangla at Abhyankar Nagar

Report by: Juhi Sethi

Edited by: Radhika Dhawad

Photojournalist: Kartik Thakur

Feb 22, 2017 16:40

Most people make headlines because they are either successful or interesting. And, Nagpur’s Vijay Kasture surely falls in the latter category. He has been the talk of the town ever since he started living his life on his own terms. If one visits his bungalow at Abhyankar Nagar, they’ll notice all possible weird stuff there. Right from unrelated objects like a toilet that has a Trishula next to it, a calendar that has pictures of Gods along with photo frames and rods that resemble tube lights, Kasture has set many tongues wagging. Kasture, who has no qualms in living his life in an unusual manner, said, “I do all this for time pass. I’m unmarried; I spend my time in picking up such stuffs from wherever I can. I’ve been living in this house since last 60 years. I inherited this house from my father. I have five sisters and three brothers who are happily married.”

Kasture, who would ply auto rickshaw for his living, is now a retired man. In an exclusive chat with Nation Next he told, “My nephews and nieces take care of my meals. Also, I don’t care about what people think of me. I give two hoots! I’m directly connected with the almighty and I do exactly what he asks me to do. One doesn’t need to do idol worship to prove his devotion for God. We just need to believe in His existence.”

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One of the most interesting things that Kasture had to say about technology was, “Due to higher education and advanced technology, people have lost the ability to understand emotions and relations. Today, people are devoid of inner satisfaction.” Kasture even said, “People call me a living ghost! No body comes at my house. In fact, once during Navrati, there were almost 70 odd people who were stationed in front of my house. They started pelting stones at my house and hurling abuses at me. The moment I came out of my house, everybody went hither and thither as they got scared of me!”

Scroll down to check out the photos of Vijay Kasture’s house at Abhyankar Nagar in Nagpur!