Shreehari Aney’s political party ViRA makes a fiery debut, burns Nagpur Agreement

Barkha Goenka | Sep 28, 2016 19:58

Former Maharashtra Advocate General Shreehari Aney’s political party – Vidarbha Rajya Aghadi (ViRA) – made a fiery debut in Nagpur. Today afternoon, Nation Next spotted several Vidarbha activists and ViRA members shouting slogans for a separate Vidarbha at Samvidhan Square, Nagpur. ViRA members burnt the copies of Nagpur Karar (Nagpur Agreement), which was formed on the same day 63 years ago i.e. September 28, 1953. Advocate Swapnajit Sanyal, working president of ViRA, said, “Nagpur Karar is a useless document as it was barely implemented since its inception. So, we are symbolically terminating the agreement by burning it off today.”

Advocate Shailendra Harode, Nagpur District president of ViRA, said, “Due to this agreement, people of Vidarbha had become Maharashtra’s slaves. Western Maharashtra has been exploiting our (Vidarbha’s) revenue, natural resources like electricity and human resources for past 63 years. According to Nagpur Karar, Vidarbha was promised a share of 23% of Maharashtra’s revenue. We were also ensured jobs and availability of educational institutes in Vidarbha, but no such thing was ever provided to us by the Maharashtra government. Hence, this agreement is futile, so we are taking this extreme step of burning the Nagpur Karar.”

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Photojournalist: Kartik Thakur