Viral YouTube video claims VICCO Vajradanti as best toothpaste in Indian market

Nation Next Newsroom | Nov 22, 2018 15:28

A YouTube video, which has gone viral, while comparing different toothpastes available, has declared Vicco Vajradanti as the best toothpaste available in India. The video, which was uploaded by the YouTube channel Fit Tuber in January 2018, has garnered more than 1.7 million views.

Oral Healthcare industry, which is considered to be one of the largest consumer markets in India, has undergone quite an evolution in the last few years. With countless categories of toothpaste making rounds in the market nowadays, it is sure as a gun, a daunting task to select a right fit for yourself.

Just imagine the questions and doubts that start flooding the brains when you are down a dental care alley in any supermarket. With Oral Health Care market being deeply inundated with so many segments of toothpaste, how can even one manage to pick the apt one?

A YouTube video, which has gone viral, while comparing different toothpastes, has declared Vicco Vajradanti as the best toothpaste available in India.
Director of Vicco Laboratories Sanjeev Pendharkar

Well, this YouTube video is quite a solution for anyone who is going through the same turmoil of thoughts.

It not only provides a peek into different categories of toothpaste, it also brings out crisply, the merits and demerits of using each of the segments.

In fact, this clip works your way through the confusion by making you understand the facts behind each category thus making your choice quite easier.

This video is also quite reflective of the fact that “there is no one size fits all” when it comes to oral needs as everyone has got his/her unique healthcare needs.

It walks you through the 8 categories of toothpaste, which are segregated, based on the similarity of ingredients used in each.

Commercial toothpastes, which are packed with an abundance of harmful chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphate, fluorides, artificial colours and preservatives is definitely non-recommendable as per the video. Coming to categories like Rapid Relief Toothpastes, which are meant to help people with sensitive teeth, avoid pain and discomfort, they again carry more or less the same composition as commercial ones with added components like potassium nitrates to numb the nerve endings while brushing.

‘Whitening toothpastes’ is yet another group with quite hype nowadays, which claims to whiten your teeth by removing surface level stains. Again, the chemicals lurking in this set of toothpaste such as silica, are all in all damaging in the long run. Another category being most positively talked about in the video is Natural Toothpastes. With so many finalists standing high in this category of natural-pick, VICCO was unveiled as a winner.

And In agreement with the video, VICCO sure deserves to be a Victor for the evident reasons depicted-

→ It is scientifically formulated herbal toothpaste loaded with the goodness of 18 wonder priceless herbs to keep you aloof of all the dental problems.

→ An all natural, fluoride free, triclosan-free wholesome remedy to keep tooth decay, bad breath and all gum problems at bay.

→ Pleasant taste and refreshing breath

→ With not a trace of chemicals and preservatives, it offers incredible oral care benefits at just so affordable price.