Meet this Nagpur youngster who bears an uncanny resemblance to Virat Kohli!

Juhi Sethi | Feb 9, 2017 20:26

In a chat with Nation Next, Asif Jamil shares as to how he feels to be Virat Kohli's lookalike and what kind of fame has it brought to him!
Asif Jamil (left) and Virat Kohli (right).

We all are unique in some or the other way and we all love that! But will that be the same case if any of us bears an uncanny resemblance to a super famous personality? Being a lookalike of a famous personality can be intimidating but it sure does bring a little glory and fame. And it has brought fame to a Nagpur youngster who can be safely called cricketing great Virat Kohli’s doppelganger!

When Asif Jamil, a 25-year-old youngster from Nagpur, went to see the recently held India Vs England match at VCA stadium Jamtha, on January 29, 2017, he was surrounded by Virat Kohli fans who wanted to click a selfie with this Kohli lookalike. And it was not just two or three guys who wanted the selfie, Asif claims that around 5000 people clicked selfies with him that day! In a chat with Nation Next, Asif shares as to how he feels to be Virat’s lookalike, what kind of fame has it brought to him and also shares a funny incident which took place when he tried to meet his role model – Virat Kohli!

Pros of being a Kohli lookalike!

Being a Kohli lookalike has worked in Asif’s favour in his professional life. Asif says, “I’m a model and I have worked for a lot of brands and have been involved in a lot of print shoots. One of basic the reasons I have been getting a lot of work lately and that is because of my resemblance with ‘The Virat Kohli.’ In 2012, I modelled my hairstyle after his hairstyle. I even started dressing the way he does! But the response I have been getting lately is just amazing. Virat Kohli is my role model as he is one of the most leading fashion icons of the modern world!

Being Kohli for a while!

Asif claims that a funny incident took place recently when he tried to meet Virat Kohli when the Indian team was in Nagpur for a match. Asif says, “In the past, I have tried meeting Virat Kohli a lot of times. Even this time around when the Indian team visited Nagpur I went to try to meet him at Hotel Radisson Blu where the team was staying. I went in a car and the moment I entered the Hotel in the car, the guards saw me and they started saluting me! I did not go through a security check and my car was directly sent to the Indian Cricket team security area. I was being welcomed as Virat Kohli and it was then when I felt that this could lead to a problem. So, I left the place immediately!” Speaking about the love he got from people at the stadium as a Virat Kohli lookalike when he went to see the match, Asif added, “The stand I was in, people were going crazy to take selfies with me. The security personnel present over there had to allot a few security guards to control the public and for my own safety. The security guards kept shifting me from one stand to another as everywhere I went, people wanted to have selfies with me!”

Here’s a short video of Asif being surrounded by people for selfies at VCA Jamtha stadium during India Vs England’s match recently!