Congress MLA Vijay Wadettiwar calls former Advocate General Shreehari Aney a BJP punter

Radhika Dhawad | Aug 15, 2016 17:30

Shreehari Aney and Vijay Wadettiwar
Shreehari Aney and Vijay Wadettiwar (Photos: Kartik Thakur)

Former Advocate General of Maharashtra Shreehari Aney has clearly upset many Vidarbha politicians by hijacking separate Vidarbha movement but till yet this displeasure was being expressed in private conversations only. The first Vidarbha politician to pan Aney in public domain is Former Maharashtra Minister and Congress MLA from Bramhapuri (in Chandrapur district) Vijay Wadettiwar.

In an interview with Nation Next, Wadettiwar called Aney a BJP punter. “Shreehari Aney is only doing what the BJP has instructed him to do. He was made the Advocate General only to resign within few months, so that he becomes a popular name in Maharashtra and start his Vidarbha movement. But his Vidarbha movement is not taking off due to lack of public support,” said Wadettiwar. Comparing Shreehari Aney with his grandfather Bapuji Aney, Wadettiwar said that unlike Shreehari Aney, his grandfather was an authentically popular figure in Maharashtra.