WhatsApp rolls out a new status update feature, gets trolled on the internet

Juhi Sethi | Feb 24, 2017 22:13

Whatsapp 2

Not all app updates available on your smart phone are cool! I learnt that lesson in a hard way today morning when after waking up, I updated my WhatsApp on my iPhone. After the update, I was shocked to see that the good-old status feature is no more available on WhatsApp! The shock turned into disbelief when I realised that ‘Whatapp’ has walked the path of Snapchat and Instagram. Instead of the old status feature, if you want to put up a status on Whatsapp now, you’ll have to do it Snapchat style!

The big update came on Thursday night and if you go by the internet, people are not liking it. These are the possible problems with the new update because of which people have been trolling Whatsapp ever since the update.

Problem 1: Earlier, when people wanted to let their contacts know about their availability or non-availability, they just had to update a status like: ‘I’m on a holiday, can’t talk’ or ‘Urgent calls only’. Well, the new feature won’t allow that as WhatsApp won’t let you keep the status for more than 24 hours. So, if you’re busy and can’t take calls for a couple of days, you’ll have to update your status every 24 hours!


Problem 2: WhatsApp new status update has no place for words as it only allows you to share pictures, videos and gifs. If you wish to say something, it won’t be in words. Now call me a little old fashioned, but I like words! ~ sob sob

Problem 3: The contacts tab which was next to the chat tab, has also been removed. Also, the favourites contact tab has been removed to make way for the ‘Status’ tab.

Problem 4: People loved WhatsApp for its subtlety and simplicity. It was one of those rare apps which was still in a private domain as compared to Snapchat and other social apps. By deciding to be like Snapchat and Instagram, WhatsApp has lost its subtlety and charm!

Problem 5: Well, this is a little farfetched but this can be a reason for many people not liking the update. If you love something the way it is, why change it?  

Here are some of the comments by social media users post the WhatsApp update!