With over 47.5°C, Chandrapur hottest, Nagpur third hottest in world

Radhika Dhawad | May 29, 2019 19:07

On Tuesday, (May 28) Chandrapur and Nagpur became the hottest and the third hottest city in the world respectively with a temperature over 47.5°C according to a report in Indiatimes.

It has been said that Chandrapur (with 47.8°C) was on the top of the list of world’s hottest cities on Tuesday while Jacobabad in Pakistan stood second and Nagpur stood third with 47.5°C.

 Nagpur has been reeling under extreme heat wave since several days. So much so that it was also being said that on Tuesday, Nagpur recorded a maximum temperature of around 49°C.

This isn’t the first time when people in Nagpur and Chandrapur were grappling with the scorching heat. Even in May 2018, both the cities of Vidarbha were third hottest and hottest cities in the world respectively.

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