With temperature above 47.5°C in Nagpur, 12 people die within 24 hours

Radhika Dhawad | Jun 7, 2019 18:41

With mercury soaring above 47.5°C in Nagpur, around 12 people lost their lives within the last 24 hours. Despite the unexpected rains and thunderstorms that brought much needed relief to Nagpurians few days back, Nagpur has been facing ‘dangerous heat wave’ daily.

With temperature above 47.5 °C, cases of citizens dying due to heat wave have increased manifold in the city. Few days back, in May, heat wave had claimed the lives of 10 people in the city within 48 hours. On May 28, Nagpur (with 47.5°C) had become the third hottest city in the world.

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