Woman receives license via courier after her handbag gets stolen in Pune

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 1, 2018 10:07

Sapna Dey (Photo by: Manoj Bidkar)

Sapna Dey, a 47-year-old woman from Pune, who lost her handbag after a thief broke into her car, received her driving license through courier.

Dey, who owns a designer boutique in Camp area of Pune, had parked her Creta car, in which she had left her handbag worth Rs 15,000 (that had Rs 1500 cash and keys of her home and shop). The incident took place after Dey left for an evening walk. On returning, she found her car’s glass broken and her bag stolen.

Dey told Pune Mirror, “As soon as I learned that my bag had been stolen, I lodged a complaint with the Wanawadi Bazaar police chowky. Back then, I had completely lost hope of getting the bag back and planned to apply for a new driving licence as that was the only important document in it. To my surprise, however, on Thursday evening I received a parcel from an unknown person and it had my lost license.”

Dey, who was relieved to receive her driving license, said that she didn’t even have a photocopy of the same. Dey had kept her iPad under the handbag inside a black sleeve but because the car’s seat covers were also black in colour, the thief couldn’t spot it.

However, Dey lodged a complaint at Wanavadi police station where PI Sayaji Gavare is looking into the matter.