Delhi woman robbed of Rs 3.8 lakh using the ‘cancelled cheque’ she gave for a loan

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 27, 2018 17:52

A woman in New Delhi was duped of Rs 3.8 lakh by a man who used a cancelled cheque given by her to withdraw money from her bank account.
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A woman in New Delhi was duped of Rs 3.8 lakh by a man on the pretext of getting a bank loan for at an extremely cheap rate of interest. The man used the cancelled cheque given by the woman to do the fraud. While the woman’s identity has not been revealed by the police, the fraudster has been identified as a 40-year-old man Deepak Arora. After a thorough investigation, Arora was arrested by the police from Tis Hazari Metro Station in Delhi.

The police started the investigation in the case after the woman filed a complaint with the Punjabi Bagh Police Station informing the officials at the station of a withdrawal of Rs 3.8 lakh from her savings bank account. The victim told the officials that a couple of days back she received a phone call from a woman named Shabana (name changed) who convinced her to arrange a loan for her at an extremely low interest rate. After the victim agreed, Arora visisted the woman’s house to collect the documents for the loan approval process.

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Along with copies of documents like Aadhar Card, the woman also gave arora a signed cheque. Arora, in the cheque, drew a line in the space meant for writing the name and told the woman that it was a cancelled cheque. Half an hour after Arora left the woman’s house, she got a text message from the bank informing her that Rs 3.8 lakh was withdrawn from her account. Arora used the ‘cancelled cheque’ to withdraw the money.

As the police investigated the case, they came across a suspicious person in the CCTV footage of the bank withdrawing the money from the victim’s account. Further investigations, led the police to Shabana who was undergoing treatment at a hospital in Ramesh Nagar. Shabana, informed the police that it was her husband (Arora) who had withdrawn the money from the bank.

Arora, who was later arrested by the police, confessed to withdrawing the money and conspiring along with his wife to cheat people on the pretext of getting cheap loans for them.