Woman with no Coronavirus symptoms tests positive 19 times in 42 days

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 22, 2020 14:29

An asymptomatic 62-year-woman from Pathanamthitta district of central Kerala recently tested positive for coronavirus for the 19th time after being admitted for 42 days in Kozhencherry government hospital. The woman was admitted on March 10, after she contracted the virus from a family member who had travelled to Italy.

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Pathanamthitta district’s medical officer Dr N Sheeja informed that the woman has showed no symptoms of COVID-19 till now. One of the doctors treating her said that, despite of the woman being asymptomatic, she can transmit the disease to others. If her next test result comes back positive, doctors are planning to shift the woman to Government Medical College in Kottayam, Kerala.