Padwomen at work in Nagpur Central Jail

Nation Next Newsroom | Jul 12, 2018 18:36

Nagpur Central Jail (Photo Source: PTI)

As per a report, the women prisoners lodged in Nagpur Central Jail have started making eco-friendly sanitary napkins under a rehabilitation plan aimed at skill development and empowerment. The information was shared by Alok Rawat, the first male member of the National Commission of Women (NCW).

Rawat, on Wednesday, led a two-member team to inspect the activities carried out by women inmates in the jail. Rawat also informed that the 150-year-old Nagpur Central Jail has several programmes aimed at developing skills in prisoners’ to enable them to earn livelihood after their release from the jail.

The eco-friendly sanitary napkins, which are extremely cheap, are sold at subsidized rates in the prison and the profit earned from the sales is transferred into the bank accounts of the inmates, who can use the amount after their release. Apart from sanitary napkins, inmates also produce handlooms with the help of a few spinning wheels installed in the jail.

Rawat also shared that among the women prisoners at Nagpur Central Jail, two have secured paralegal services training in the jail, equipping themselves in handling subsidiary legal matters. These inmates, however, cannot be called fully qualified lawyers. Rawat said, “Owing to these inmate with training in paralegal matters, the prisoners don’t have to wait for the whole week for legal advice from their lawyers.”