Work from home: NMC to Nagpur lawyers demanding opening up of offices in lockdown

Nation Next Newsroom | May 28, 2020 21:40

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NMC (Nagpur Municipal Corporation), on Thursday, rejected the demand from city lawyers for opening of their offices during lockdown and has asked them to ‘work from home.’ NMC’s reply comes two days after two city lawyers Ashish Tarwani and Rahul Kishnani approached NMC Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe and Nagpur Police Commissioner Dr BK Upadhyay requesting them to issue necessary instructions to the officials to not prevent lawyers to use their offices for their professional activities during lockdown.

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In a reply to the lawyers, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Nibhay Jain, stated that private offices are not permitted to open in Red Zones during the lockdown period up to May 31. Jain said that there is no restriction on lawyers to work from home and to attend to matters listed in courts.

Interestingly, Advocate Tarwani and Advocate Kishnani, through their letter on May 26, had asked NMC to treat legal services as essential services. When Nation Next spoke to some prominent and senior lawyers of the city, they were of the same view adding that lawyers’ offices cannot be considered as commercial establishments.

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