WWE ‘Attitude Era’ facebook fan page blames Donald Trump for its end!

Amar Ashok Jajoo | Feb 8, 2017 21:34

A WWE 'Attitude Era' fan page has declared that it's not going to post anything from now on as US President Donald Trump has banned them from doing so!
Donald Trump, The President of the United States

For people in their late 20’s who have grown up watching wrestling, WWE’s Attitude Era (1997-2002) is special for a number of reasons. It’s special because the storylines then were interesting than now, the era gave rise to some of the biggest superstars of WWE including Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rock, the era in true sense redefined ‘sports entertainment’ as WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon likes to call WWE and the era did not fall under the TV-PG ratings like today. While the ratings part is debatable, WWE fans will agree that Attitude Era was an era which is fondly remembered and thus footages and pictures from the era are always watched with a lot of interest.

A facebook page ‘Attitude Era’ which today has close to 3.5 lakh followers has been active for quite some time now. The followers of this page have been relishing the videos, memes and pictures of attitude era ever since the page’s inception. Yesterday, in a bizzare move, this page first announced, ‘Trump banned our page from posting pictures and videos’ and then today it announced, ‘Last post on this page’ indicating that there won’t be anything about attitude era which will be published henceforth on the page!

For the uninitiated, the now President of the United States Donald Trump is an ardent WWE fan and a friend of Vince McMahon. He has earlier appeared on WWE programming multiple times and was even given a stunner once by WWE Attitude Era superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin! So, it’s will be naïve to say that Trump has anything to do with this, also keeping in mind the fact that he’s now one of the busiest person in the world. Whether it’s a joke by the page or not, only time will tell but followers of the page have already started speculating things. While some people believe Trump has something to do with this linking it to the fact that Vince’s wife Linda McMahon works with the Trump administration, some even suggested that Vince McMahon has bought the page!