Yavatmal: ‘Kharra’ seller tests positive for coronavirus, infects several others

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 29, 2020 15:26

Representational Image (Photo: Ahmedabad Mirror)

As COVID-19 cases in Vidarbha continue to rise, it has come to the light that a person, who was illegally selling ‘Kharra’ (tobacco mix) in Yavatmal amid the lockdown, tested positive for coronavirus. The Kharra seller is said to have infected as many as seven other people.

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TOI quoted MD Singh, Collector, Yavatmal, saying, “Pan kiosks are closed due to the lockdown but a youngster used to prepare kharra at home and give it to special customers. He has tested positive for coronavirus and as per initial reports, he has infected seven others.” Singh added, “People who chew kharra also spit here and there. The virus could infect many others through spitting.”